Massilmilano Versace

CEO and Co-Founder, Neurala

Max Versace is the CEO and Co-Founder of Neurala, the company behind The Neurala Brain—deep learning neural network software that makes devices and products like drones, mobile phones and cameras more intelligent, engaging and useful. Max continues to lead the world of intelligent devices after his pioneering breakthroughs in brain-inspired computing. He has spoken at numerous events including a keynote at Mobile World Congress Drone Summit, TedX, NASA, the Pentagon, GTC, InterDrone, GE, Air Force Research Labs, HP, iRobot, Samsung, LG, Qualcomm, Ericsson, BAE Systems, AI World, ABB and Accenture among many others. His work has been featured in TIME, IEEE Spectrum, CNN, MSNBC, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, Fortune, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Nasdaq, Associated Press and hundreds more. He holds several patents and two PhDs: Cognitive and Neural Systems, Boston University; Experimental Psychology, University of Trieste, Italy.


Abstract: AI: The Future of Drone-Based Inspections

Inspections by drone have cost, efficiency and safety benefits, especially for major infrastructure to ensure the supply of electricity, gas and oil, or the safety and integrity of various structures. However, the manual process of watching a drone video is prone to human error.

Advances in artificial intelligence have made available new opportunities to add ‘brain-like functions’ to UAVs, to help in these very tasks. AI is today able to take over basic functions of unmanned vehicles and perform increasingly human-like activities, such as object recognition, detection, and inspection of complex infrastructure.

Massimiliano "Max" Versace, CEO of Neurala, will explain how drones with relatively inexpensive sensors enable and power smart inspections to save thousands of hours and money.