Andreas Kühnen

Business Development – Solution Sales, cloudeo AG

Andreas Kühnen holds a diploma in geography with a focus on remote sensing and geoinformation systems. At cloudeo, he is responsible for sales and business development of complex solutions in the geoinformation and UAS market for administration and industry. 



Flight planning for drones is becoming more and more important. For the most efficient flight planning, however, data from a variety of sources is often required to clarify all important points such as obstacle avoidance, land use, ideal pilot location and also the position and condition of the landing area as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. The cloudeo platform offers access to digital elevation models, high-resolution satellite image data and easy-to-use apps for visibility analyses that actively support efficient flight planning.

Furthermore, the cloudeo platform UAS offers operators the advantage of secondary marketing of their existing drone image data via the cloudeo store. Cloudeo's goal is to simplify access to data and to create a mutually enriching ecosystem of data providers, value adders and users.