Andreas Fietze

Head of Group Asset Protection, Volkswagen AG

Andreas Fietze starts his professional career in 1979 with the police of Lower Saxony. He worked for several years in the preservation and documentation. In 1985 he moved to the State Criminal Police Office of Lower Saxony. Since 1990 he has been working at Volkswagen AG. There he was employed until 1996 in the field of personal protection. With the experience and knowledge of the operative technology he moved in 1996 into the area of corporate security - security technology. As Head of Group Asset Protection, he has been responsible for safety technology and standards, new technologies and technical evaluation processes since 2014. Security projects and concepts as well as the assignment of security protection and fire protection services are also in his responsibility there.



As a Volkswagen AG, we see the use of drones as a fundamentally new business area in the field of logistics and security: In using drones as well as in detecting malevolent drones and protecting our premises. Apart from all benefits and advantages of drones there are nevertheless a lot of new risks.

For us as a company, the risk of industrial espionage of our know-how is very high. In particular, areas of vehicle development and testing are very vulnerable.

Screening of vulnerable areas as in good old days do not provide adequate protection today.
This has led us to develop a concept that combines new technologies with existing security organizations.

With internal training concepts, we train our employees and find, for example, new tasks for internal firefighters who cannot work longer in their job. In cooperation with the legal department of Volkswagen AG, we have developed a concept of filing criminal charges in which we have already defined the elements of an offense in order to achieve a quick deployment and a clear procedure in cooperation with the local police.