September, 18

Room C7.1 / C7.2



Achim Friedl

Chairman of the board, UAV DACH e.V.
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Ralf Krauter

CEO & Founder, science reporter, German public radio
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Steffen Bilger

Parliamentry Secretary, Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
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Drone Economy - The coming drone-age

Thomas Jarzombek

Coordinator, National Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany, Office Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy
Video statement
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Public Acceptance of Drones

Gregor Zowierucha

Head of Unmanned Systems, ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH
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Panel discussion: "EU drone market"

Koen de Vos

Senior Drone Expert, Directorate General for Mobility and Transport, European Commission
European Commission's concept of unmanned aviation’s future
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Alexandra Florin

Drones Project Manager, EASA - Executive Directorate European Aviation Safety Agency
Shaping the future of unmanned aviation: roadmap of EASA
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Mildred Trögeler

Director, Global Airspace Integration, Boeing NeXt
Creating a safe UAM ecosystem
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Raimund E. Kamp

Head of department, Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
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J.D. Robert Keele

General Counsel, A^3 by Airbus
to be confirmed
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Jan Molema

Director Internal Market, Benelux
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Master Class 1 - Services backed up by UAS – rescue services / humanitarian aid

Prof. Dr. med. Peter Biberthaler

Director of the Clinic and Polyclinic for Trauma Surgery, Klinik Rechts der Isar
Medical applications of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles: Potential options and challenges
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Florian Zöllinger

ADAC Luftrettung GmbH
Application of multicopters in Emergency Medical Services

Yaniv Gelnik

Zipline International Inc.
Video Call: Logistic and supply chain of sensitive goods
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Denise Soesilo

Lake Victoria Challenge
African Drone Forum Flying Competitions
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Tom Plümmer

Co-Founder & CEO, Wingcopter GmbH
Using Wingcopters for life saving medical deliveries worldwide
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Mikael Shamim

Managing Director, Helicus
Medical drone transport - the road towards take-off
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Tautvydas Juskauskas

Drones Lead, UNICEF Malawi
Video Call
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Master Class 2 - Security using UAS as well as counter drone systems

Daniela Hildenbrand

ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH
Public acceptance of drones follows safety and security measures. Reliable UAS & Counter-UAS Solutions that enable the European Drone market
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Udo Hansen

Präsident, BDLS Bundesverband der Luftsicherheitsunternehmen
Safety measures for critical infrstructure
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Prof. Dr. Elmar Giemulla

Professor, TU Berlin, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Protection by drones and against drones
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Michael Büsing

Director Operations & Infrastructure, German Airports Association ADV
Challenge of drone operations at airports – integrating drones into the structure of safe operations of airplanes at airports
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Dirk-Heinrich Bothe

Deputy head special forces Federal Police Headquaters, Germany
Challenges for the Police
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Andreas Fietze

Head of Group Asset Protection, Volkswagen AG
Drone Detection - Personnel and Organizational Measures
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Master Class 3 - Airspace integration

Christian S. Struwe

Head of Public Policy, DJI
Elevating Safety
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Andreas Kühnen

Business Development – Solution Sales, cloudeo AG
Flight planning needs reference data
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Dr. Andreas Lamprecht

Chief Technology Officer, AirMap Deutschland GmbH
U-Space Implementations Today and Future Trends
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Michael Gadd

Head of International Regulatory Affairs, Altitude Angel
Lessons learnt for integration with ATC to just culture: Collecting problems to increase safety from volunteers
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Tomoyuki Hatori

Deputy Manager, Pre-sales Engineering Group, Public Sector 1, NTT Data Corporation
Development of Drone Traffic Management System and API Interface
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J.D. Robert Keele

General Counsel, A^3 by Airbus
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Marina Solin

Policy Director, GSMA
Cellular connectivity for drones
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Evening event in "Restaurant am Park"

incl. Catering. Possbility to network

Presentation of the Drone Pioneer Award

to the programme: second day