Strategic concepts for unmanned aviation in urban environments →

Four interactive Master Classes are dedicated to the challenges of the young industry, new business models and strategies


EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT – Conference on the new opportunities offered by the standardised European UAS market →

Air taxis, delivery drones, et al – strategic concepts for manned and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in urban areas


Premiere of the EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT on 15 October in Frankfurt a.M. →

Europe's most important drone conference 2018 discusses new industrial applications with drone


EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT 2018 – Anil V. Nanduri from the Intel Drone Group will be a keynote speaker →

An international panel of experts from INTEL will attend the workshops and presentations on the new general aviation regulation


New EU general aviation regulation creates one big sky over Europe →

European Commission answers questions at EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT


The first EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT on 15 October 2018 in Frankfurt →

Prestigious conference is bringing together European industry and drone technology for the first time


Inaugural EUROPEAN DRONE SUMMIT in Frankfurt →

New event devoted to the future of drones in Europe