Vadim Kramar

Researcher & Lead of Arctic Drone Labs International Activities, Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Vadim Kramar leads the international activities of Arctic Drone Labs, the Finnish business and innovation ecosystem and digital innovation hub that brings together more than seventy leading-edge research entities and companies to boost drone-relevant businesses. Vadim is the researcher at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences and has a track of records in developing projects utilising ubiquitous and cloud computing, artificial intelligence, semantic web and knowledge engineering, smart city and home automation, robotics and internet of things. Vadim has contributed to several publications in national and international journals, conferences, and events. He is a co-organiser, invited speaker, reviewer, and active contributor at a number of international conferences and workshops.



North brings a range of challenges to UAVs. In my speech, I will give the overview of those challenges and introduce the opportunities offered by Arctic Drone Labs, the Finnish business and innovation ecosystem. ADL is acknowledged by Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and registered as Digital Innovation Hubs to work with appropriate stakeholders in accordance to EC Digital Single Market strategy. ADL members are interested in international B2B and R&D&I collaboration.