Tom Plümmer

Co-Founder & CEO, Wingcopter GmbH

Tom Plümmer ist Mitgründer und der CEO von Wingcopter. Tom ist von der Überzeugung und dem Willen angetrieben, die Drohnentechnologie für soziale Projekte zu nutzen und möchte das Ausmaß der zivilen Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Drohnen kontinuierlich global erweitern. In dem patentierten Schwenkrotor-Mechanismus des Wingcopter sieht er eine einfache und dennoch elegante Lösung, die den Stand der Technik in der Drohnenindustrie herausfordert und maximale Effizienz ermöglicht.



I get motivation for my work from my strong wish to improve the future of mankind instead of just waiting for things to hopefully get better. One of the ways to reach this goal is in my opinion using drones to improve the way agriculture, infrastructure construction and even logistics and mobility are done today. However, the short flight time and ranges of the civil / commercial drones that existed back at the time I´ve started have been bothering me as not adequate. 
Thus together with Jonathan Hesselbarth we founded a start-up called Wingcopter and developed a special tilt rotor drone (eVTOL) which outperforms anything that had existed before in this area. 
Today Wingcopter is helping to overcome difficult obstacles in diverse industrial processes by simplifying and accelerating complex tasks and labour, e.g. in agriculture or infrastructure construction in combination with high-end sensors attached to the efficient eVTOL Wingcopter platform. 
Our additional task is improving and saving lives by transporting important medical means such as vaccines, medicines, blood preserves or laboratory samples safely and fast. 
Since 2017 we are constantly working on ways to improve medical supply via drone delivery projects in different parts of the world with the goal to upgrade the living conditions for the population and to grant safe supply and access to medical commodities and medical care (supporting the SDG's). In addition to our joint project with DHL and GIZ / BMZ in Tanzania, Wingcopter is currently expanding other medical delivery drone projects in other parts of the world. With UNICEF we have explored the deliveries of vaccines on the Pentecost island of Vanuatu successfully over several month. In addition, Wingcopter is currently flying on a daily basis in Malawi for USAID and Chemonics International.