Renate Presslein-Lehle

Stadtbaurätin, Leiterin Referat für Stadtentwicklung und Baurecht, Stadt Ingolstadt

Architect and urban planner

  • Support of several research projects in the field of mobility in which the city of Ingolstadt participates, since 2004
  • City of Ingolstadt - Head of the Office for Traffic Management and Geoinformation, 2004 to 2009
  • Professional city councillor - Head of the Department for Urban Development and Building Law, responsible for urban and green planning, monument protection, traffic planning and traffic management, building permits, since 2010 



Ingolstadt has been one of the first cities and regions to take part in the UAM Initiative of the EIP SCC (The European innovation partnership on smart cities and communities (EIP-SCC). Ingolstadt leads one of the twelve European demonstrator projects and therefore defined its own Urban Air Mobility Initiative covering south Bavaria. The main goal behind the UAM initiative in Ingolstadt is to strengthen the research and development facilities in Ingolstadt and Bavaria on the basis of a common application-oriented test model. By that, the City offers interested stakeholders the opportunity to test their ideas and systems in an urban environment.  Until now the City could convince over 60 companies and institutions to join the initiative and form a strong community.

Besides that, the City of Ingolstadt of course also pursues its own goals by offering this network. Ingolstadt wants to retain its influence on the future shape of its city, its mobility and its sustainable development. That requires a constant view on the overall transport system. 
The first steps along the way have already been taken, pilot projects such as OBUAM or FreeRail have been approved by the Federal Ministry of Transport and are providing initial results on UAM activities in Urban Areas.