Dr. Michael Scheibenreif

Manager Competence Centre Drones, Austrocontrol

Michael Scheibenreif manages the drone competence centre at Austro Control, which aims to find a holistic approach to the eventual integration of drones as new airspace users. Michael is also a vice-chair of CANSO’s global “RPAS and Emerging Technologies Workgroup” which develops policies and provides guidance on incorporating RPAS and other emerging technologies into airspace.

During the last year, Michael led the world's first humanitarian drone testing corridor for UNICEF in Malawi. His work included liaising with interested third parties such as industry, universities and individuals to test their drones or drone services for humanitarian and development purposes. He was also driving UNICEF’s broader strategy on the ‘drone ecosystem’, including the establishment of the African Drone & Data Academy or the creation of a drone network for regular deliveries of medical supplies.

Michael has previously worked at the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the OSCE and different UN organizations, Austrian Mail and as a University lecturer.

He holds an MBA, a Master in Political Science, a Master in European Public Administration and a PhD in 'organizational development of international public sector organizations’.