Michael Büsing

Fachbereichsleiter Operations & Infrastruktur, Flughafenverband ADV

Michael Buesing is an Aeronautical Engineer with 20 years of business experience at airports. He has held various positions in the fields of Infrastructural Planning, Noise Abatement Programe and was appointed Head of Real Estate Planning and Management, Head of Terminalmanagement, Head of Aviation Security; Director Airport Operations at Hannover Airport.
Since 2016 he serves as Director for Operations and Infrastructure at German Airports Association in Berlin.



In his contribution with the title „Challenge of drone operations at airports – integrating drones into the structure of safe operations of airplanes at airports. How do we minimise the risks?“, Michael will report on the chances and risks of drone operations at airports. 

Airports function as part of the Aviation system. They provide safe, efficient and capacity-stringent infrastructure and processes. Together with the different companies and service providers, they organise aviation „on the ground“. That includes the management of terminal and airside operations as well as the orgaisation and oversight of all landside, terminal and airside infrastructure and processes.
Drones are currently not a part of regular operations at airports. As long as the technical reliability of drones is not part of a certification process in analogy to the aircraft certification process, regular operation at airports will be the exemption. 
Several functions of drone utilization for airport companies itself may be accomplished.
Further prerequisites for safe integration of drone operations at airports need to be solved and will be identified.
A current major element towards a joint UAV – traffic management with the exisiting ATM is the implementation of drone detection and counter UAV measures. Working closely with DFS – German Air Traffic Control provider, Federal and local police, ADV helps to find solutions that fit for the different airport sizes.
Legal framework, operational safety and security issues as well as the ongoing development of the coordinational steps in case of drone sightings in the vicinity of airports – these are the major topics of Michaels contribution with the Master Class 2 of the European Drone Summit 2019.