Mag. Claudia Schmidt

Abgeordnete, Europäischen Parlament (ÖVP)

Born 1963 in Salzburg/Austria, Claudia Schmidt studied Special Needs Education at the University of Vienna and completed a General Management Programme at the University of Salzburg.

She worked at Lebenshilfe Salzburg as Head of the Special Needs Education Department (89-96), she was responsible for the development and installation of programmes to train disabled people to enable them to take responsibility for their own lives (96-2000) and worked as Head of the Organisation and Administration Department (2000-07). In 1995-1996, she was appointed expert for the HELIOS II Programme, the EU’s third action programme to assist disabled people.

Claudia Schmidt was a member of the Salzburg municipal council from 1999-2004, head of the Austrian People's Party's (ÖVP) bloc in the Salzburg municipal council from 2004-2009, and from 2009-2014 a Councillor for building and construction in Salzburg. In 2014, Claudia Schmidt was elected to the European Parliament and is a member of the Parliament’s Transport, Tourism Committee, Budgetary Control Committee, Science and Technology Options Assessment and a substitute member of the Regional Development Committee.