Jan-Hendrik Boelens

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Volocopter

Jan-Hendrik Boelens ist Technischer Geschäftsführer der Volocopter GmbH, ein Start-up, das wegweisend in der Entwicklung von elektrisch angetriebenen senkrecht startenden Flugtaxis (eVTOL) ist. Vor seiner Zeit bei Volocopter hatte er verschiedene leitende Funktionen bei Airbus Helicopters inne. Er leitete die internationale Abteilung der Entwicklung elektrischer Systeme und Antriebe. Zudem war er als Chefingenieur für den H135 Helikopter tätig, leitetet ein Team im Bereich Avionikentwicklung, und war aktives Mitglied der RTCA/EUROCAE Arbeitsgruppe, welche den DO-178C Industrie-Standard für Software in der Luftfahrt entwickelt hat.



The pioneer in the development of electrical air taxis that take off and land vertically (eVTOLs), Volocopter builds aircrafts that are based on drone technology and carry up to two people. The company will establish Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in addition to current transportation options in megacities globally. Their aim is to offer affordable on-demand air taxi services and save people time by flying them safely to their destination. Volocopter cooperates with leading partners in infrastructure, operations and air traffic management to build the ecosystem necessary to bring Urban Air Mobility to life.

The Volocopter aircraft has proven its eVTOL concept in over 1000 test flights and public demonstrations. Recently in August 2019, Volocopter was the first VTOL company to demonstrate successful integration of an air taxi into both the Air Traffic Management (ATM) and Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) system at Helsinki International Airport within the scope of the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) Programme. Volocopter keeps proving that urban air mobility is closer than you think and will bring its first commercial Air taxi “VoloCity“ to commercial launch within the next three years.