Dr. Ingo Seebach

COO & Co-Founder Dedrone GmbH

In September 2013, when a small toy drone crashed onto the stage right in front of Angela Merkel during an election event, Dr. Ingo Seebach had the idea to develop a technology for the protection against civilian drones. Half a year later he founded Dedrone, together with co-founders Joerg Lamprecht and Rene Seeber. Today, Dedrone is the market and technology leader in airspace security. As COO, Dr. Ingo Seebach is responsible for hardware development and production as well as for controlling. Dr. Ingo Seebach studied industrial engineering at the TU Braunschweig and received his doctorate at the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST.


Abstract: DroneTracker: A Proven Concept of Airspace Security Technology

Dedrone has developed the first automated drone security platform. The key to DroneTracker’s success is its automatic classification, alerting, evidence recording, and triggering of mitigation strategy. Customers rely on a 24/7 airspace surveillance, which provides highly efficient protection against aerial threats, valuable information about drone activity (including frequency, flight paths, drone models), and integrates individual countermeasures. The power of the solution is in its software - the only way to stay ahead of threats that are evolving, where there are new manufacturers and drone types every day.

Dedrone’s reference customers include Georgia Department of Corrections (USA), Volke Automotive (Germany) and the U.S. Department of Defense (USA). Its partners include Airbus, Deutsche Telekom, Axis Communications, World Wide Technology, Battelle, Echodyne and HP Wüst.

Dr. Ingo Seebach will give a short introduction on how to integrate anti-drone technology into a security ecosystem - from a first risk assessment to the installation of an individually aligned drone detection system and the integration of optimized countermeasures.