Dirk-Heinrich Bothe

stv. Referatsleiter, Referent Spezialkräfte (einschließlich UAS), Bundespolizeipräsidium

Senior Chief Superintendent Dirk-Heinrich Bothe M. A. works as the deputy head of section 21 - Command and Operation, Special Forces - at German Federal Police Headquarters in Potsdam. 

His operational experience extends from commanding ground police forces to leading and flying numerous different domestic and international missions compromising the full scope of the service from various police missions day and night, visual and on instruments, helicopter emergency medical service, mountain rescue, cargo transport, disaster relief and fire fighting. After 25 years of service as a commanding officer and helicopter pilot with the air support group, he is now providing expertise on operational aspects of GSG 9, air support, maritime assignments and close protection. 
In his capacity as consultant, he formulates the operational requirements for the application of UAS in the scope of tasks of the German Federal Police and coordinates UAS-related questions within Headquarters.



The German Federal Police explores the field of UAS since the start of this millennium. While developing operational capacities in the dimensions of UAS-operation, counter-UAS and UAS-forensics the Federal Police always demanded a more thorough legislation to mitigate the risk of unregulated use of UAS in police operations as well as private and corporate use.
The main challenge is to find the appropriate technology for the large variety of use-cases for UAS in support of police work. This requires general-purpose-UAS as well as specialized equipment. Here lies a challenge for the industry to provide ruggedized and reliable equipment, which in addition guarantees the secure storage and transmission of data.
In the field of counter-UAS operations, a further technological advancement is in dire need to enable the police to be more effective in countering offensive UAS, as been disclosed in Gatwick lately.
Police work always includes prosecution. Therefore, the already highly honed expertise of the Federal Police on extraction of data from mobile phones, will be continuously refined to support the forensic extraction of data as evidence.