Christian S. Struwe

Head of Public Policy, DJI

Christian Struwe is Head of DJI’s policy work in the EMEA region. As such he is responsible for all interactions between DJI and government stakeholders in Europe, Middle East and Africa and helps drive DJI’s efforts to make drones increasingly safe to use. Since joining DJI in 2016, Christian has in particular been working closely with EASA and the European Commission on shaping the future European Drone rules and creating a safe, viable and fair market for the drone industry in Europe. Christian is also DJI’s representative in Global UTM Association (GUTMA), ICAO and JARUS.

With a background in a leading consultancy in the Air Traffic Management sector and a national drone association, Christian is experienced in the aviation and drone industries from both a policy and business angle. 



DJI outlines real world solutions for how to safely and securely promote the use of small drones with current and existing technologies. With all the attention the drone industry has received over the past couple of years for both positive applications and potential risks associated with the technology, DJI is outlining the steps it has taken and the further required for society to keep harvesting the benefits of small drone use.