Daniela Hildenbrand

ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH

Daniela Hildenbrand is Business Development Manager for Counter-UAS Systems at ESG DEFENCE + PUBLIC SECURITY in the Unmanned Systems Department.

With an academic background (LL.M.) and previous experience in international affairs, diplomacy and international law focusing on intelligence, unmanned aerial reconnaissance and Shared Situation Awareness, her objective is the harmonisation of enhanced perspectives for the constructive use of UAS with a significant reduction in the opportunities for misuse of UAS for criminal and terroristic purposes.



In order for drones to unlock their full potential in the European market, public acceptance is key.

To build this acceptance and to establish trust in the solutions provided, legislators and industry must work together - in defining and fulfilling the highest safety standards in the construction and development of drones and their software - as well as in designing a holistic net of safety-critical processes and procedures without overregulating the market.
With decades of experience and certified expertise in manned and unmanned aviation, ESG DEFENCE + PUBLIC SECURITY provides reliable solutions for safe drone operation for civilian and governmental use cases, as well as a mission-proven counter-drone system to enhance security by detecting and preventing drone misuse. This talk will highlight both sides of the coin by briefly introducing the technology behind two ESG flagship projects - the newly launched portfolio for automatic drone security providing automatic drone operations for security applications, inspection and maintenance and GUARDION, the mission-proven, automatic and intelligent multi-sensor Counter-Drone system.