Daniela Hildenbrand

ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH

Daniela Hildenbrand is Business Development Manager for Counter-UAS Systems at ESG DEFENCE + PUBLIC SECURITY in the Unmanned Systems Department.

With an academic background (LL.M.) and previous experience in international affairs, diplomacy and international law focusing on intelligence, unmanned aerial reconnaissance and Shared Situation Awareness, her objective is the harmonisation of enhanced perspectives for the constructive use of UAS with a significant reduction in the opportunities for misuse of UAS for criminal and terroristic purposes.


Abstract: Mission Experience Counter-UAS: Comprehensive Airspace Security and the Need for Multi-Sensor Solutions

While UAS undoubtedly provide numerous advantages for tactical reconnaissance operations, and other military and civilian applications, unauthorized, criminal or even purpose-built terror drones represent a serious security risk to exposed personnel, vulnerable intellectual property and sensitive infrastructure.

Considering the threat complexity of drones varying in size, speed, type of control mechanism, level of automatization or methods of propulsion, customers must rely on fully-automatic multi-sensor solutions towards their conjoint objective of not letting daily business be disrupted by uncooperative drone overflights.

In 2015, ESG, Rohde & Schwarz and Diehl Defence joined forces as an alliance of three potent and mature German industrial manufacturers and system integrators and formed the GUARDION COOPERATION, answering increasing demand from German governmental authorities for industrial support.

The resulting GUARDION SOLUTION provides the hardware-independent selection of technologies for automatic multi-sensor detection and classification, advanced Core Intelligence and C4ISR and a portfolio of effective countermeasures with minimal collateral damage. It is based on the mission-proven system, deployed i.a. for the protection of the ILA Berlin air show 2018, as well as major political events such as the G20 summit in Hamburg 2017, the state visit of US President Obama in June 2016 and the G7 summit in Elmau 2015.

The presentation will focus on the acquired mission experience in active operations with governmental end-users, regarding the chances and challenges in the performance of individual technologies, the requirements of networked systems in complex environments as well as the integration into various platforms, existing infrastructure and specific SOPs.