Adam Wiśniewski

Leader of Drone Powered Solutions - Global PwC Centre of Excellence, PwC

Adam is a leader of PwC Drone Powered Solutions. It is the first and globally unique Centre of Excellence powered by PwC. DPS specializes in commercial and industrial usage of drone technologies and helps clients from various industries to maximize the potential offered by drones and geospatial data. Adam leads the team which consists of professionals with various background – from management consultants with business experience to engineers, photogrammetry and AI experts.

Adam has overall 15 years experience in consulting and implementation of technologies in business operations. In particular over 10 years of experience in application of drone technologies and advanced image data analytics in business. He started with construction sector than moved to oil&gas, where he developed a drone based construction site monitoring system. Directly from there he joined PwC where his focus is how to implement drone technologies and advanced image data analytics in companies to make them business as usual.

Next to that Adam is active on the field of general AI, in particular the deep learning for construction sites monitoring and asset management.


Abstract: The future of analytics - artificial intelligence in drone inspections

Drone technologies are gaining traction in numerous sectors of economy in countries around the world. As a tool for collecting data with greater efficiency and unprecedented level of quality, they generate enormous amounts of image data. Companies start to struggle with managing, processing and analyzing such volumes of input data and are looking for ways to automate the process.

Fortunately, rapid development of emerging technologies, such as machine learning and computer vision, has enabled automation of image data interpretation. In the energy sector drone technology together with AI-powered analytics already provide effective solutions for used-to-be manual processes such as asset inventory, asset management and vegetation management resulting in significant cost benefits and increased human safety.