Programm – 15. Oktober 2018



Dr. Norbert Lohl

Vorstand UAV DACH e.V.

Ralf Krauter

CEO & Founder, science reporter
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Thomas Jarzombek

Koordinator der Bundesregierung für Luft- und Raumfahrt beim Bundesminister für Wirtschaft und Energie
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Future of UAS from the point of view of politicians and legislators

Raimund E. Kamp

Referent, Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur


Future of drones – benefits and opportunities

Anil V. Nanduri

Vice President Intel, General Manager Drone Group
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Future Of Drones – Benefits And Opportunities.pdf (2,7 MB)



Werden UAS in der europäischen Wirtschaft nachhaltig etabliert?

Chancen, Herausforderungen und Risiken

Joe Schamuhn

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Dr. Andreas Lamprecht

Managing Director, AirMap Deutschland GmbH
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Mag. Claudia Schmidt

Abgeordnete, Europäischen Parlament (ÖVP)
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Anil V. Nanduri

Vice President Intel, General Manager Drone Group
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Future Of Drones – Benefits And Opportunities.pdf (2,7 MB)

Patrick Gandil

Director General, Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGAC)

Raimund E. Kamp

Referent, Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur

Jana Rosenmann

Head of Unmanned Aerial Systems and Member of the Airbus Defence & Space Executive Committee, Airbus
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Martin Brandenburg

Managing Director EMEA, DJI GmbH
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DJI_Brandenburg.pdf (995 KB)




EUROPEAN Drone Market – opportunities and limits of an united EUROPEAN DRONE ECONOMY

Marian Marinescu

European Parliament


UAS implementing rules: New rules for Europe - the framework for Europe’s Drone market

Koen de Vos

Europäische Kommission, Directorate General for Mobility and Transport


AI: The Future of Drone-Based Inspections

Massilmilano Versace

CEO and Co-Founder, Neurala
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Session A. 1

UAS für Geodäsie, Überwachung und Inspektion

Christian Janke

Assistant Professor, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Worldwide Campus
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Adam Wiśniewski

Leader of Drone Powered Solutions - Global PwC Centre of Excellence, PwC
The future of analytics - artificial intelligence in drone inspections
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The Future Of Analytics Artificial Intelligence In Drone Inspections.pdf (795 KB)

Dr. Andreas Hausotter

Managing Director, esc Aerospace GmbH
Data mining with different kind of automated and integrated drones
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Information Gathering With Different Kind Of Automated And Integrated Drones.pdf (1,3 MB)

Chase Fly

Geospatial Product Manager, Delair
Leveraging IoT and Drones to Produce Aerial Intelligence
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Leveraging IoT And Drones To Produce Aerial Intelligence.pdf (3,5 MB)

Vadim Kramar

Researcher & Lead of Arctic Drone Labs International Activities, Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Drone operations in arctic environment
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Drone Operations In The Arctic Environment.pdf (2,8 MB)

Jörg Brinkmeyer

Globe UAV
Real remote operations via LTE

Session A. 2

U-Space/UTM und Regulierung

Peter Kortas

Lehrbeauftragter für Luftrecht und Aviation Security, TU Berlin

Sebastian Babiarz

Head of Strategic Business Development AirMap
Global Standards for Rapid Drone Enablement: U-space as a Model
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Global Standards For Rapid Drone Enablement U-Space As A Model.pdf (1,3 MB)

Michael Gadd

Head of International Regulatory Affairs, Altitude Angel

Ralf Heidger

VE/U, UTM Development Manager, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH
UTM Developments at DFS in the context of U-Space
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UTM Developments at DFS in the Context of U Space.pdf (1,8 MB)

Graham Trickey

Head of the IoT Programme, GSMA
How can cellular community help the commercial drone industry?
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Dr. Michael Scheibenreif

Manager Competence Centre Drones, Austrocontrol
UTM live – learnings from drone deliveries in Africa applied in Europe
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UTM Live – Learnings From Drone Deliveries In Africa Applied In Europe.pdf (200 KB)


Session B. 1

Logistik und Lufttransport mit UAS

Frank Wernecke

DroneMasters Founder & CEO
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Ralph Schepp

VP Technologiestrategie, Program Manager Drones, Deutsche Telekom AG
Logistic drones connected
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Connected Drones.pdf (1,6 MB)

Benjamin Federmann

CEO & Co-Founder, doks. innovation GmbH
Digital logistics: improved stock management with drone technologies
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Julia Miosga

Haed of Retail & Logistics, Bitkom e.V.
Digital Industries meet UAVs
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Supply Chain – connecting digital.pdf (477 KB)

Session B. 2

Gefahren und Abwehr/Schutz

Dr. Ulrich Dieckert

Lawyer & Partner, DIECKERT Recht und Steuern GbR
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Daniela Hildenbrand

ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH
Mission Experience Counter-UAS: Comprehensive Airspace Security and the Need for Multi-Sensor Solutions
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Max Scheck

Captain A320 & Member RPAS Working Group, Vereinigung Cockpit e.V.
Just Culture - A Key Element to Enhance Safety
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Just Culture.pdf (471 KB)

Wiljan van Loon

Strategic Development Director, Securitas Services Europe NV, Representative of CoESS
Drones in the Security Industry
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Drones In The Security Industry.pdf (963 KB)

Danny Schmid

Sales Manager, Rheinmetall Air Defence AG
A Tailored Solution For Individual Situation.pdf (2,8 MB)

Dr. Ingo Seebach

COO & Co-Founder Dedrone GmbH
Drone Tracker: A Proven Concept of Airspace Security Technology
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Is Europe ready for commercial drone operations?

Civil Drone Operations (Current & Future) - Challenges & Opportunities

Peter van Blyenburgh

President UVS International
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Civil Drone Operations.pdf (3,5 MB)


Integration of drones in the airspace – what is really needed?

Dr. Hans Brants

Scientist, Netherlands Aerospace Centre NLR
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Integration Of Drones In The Airspace.pdf (5,3 MB)



Dr. Norbert Lohl

Vorstand UAV DACH e.V.


Abendveranstaltung / Come Together

Restaurant "Verdino", Portalhaus